Season 1 Episodes


Season: 1 - Episode: 1 - Views: 2541

Based off the popular young-adult novel by Cecily von Ziegesar, 'Gossip Girl' is a series about privileged prep school teens and an unknown blogger (the Gossip Girl) who reveals secrets about their circle of friends. The premiere starts with news that Serena van der Woodsen is coming back to Manhattan. Her best friend, Blair Waldorf, is having second thoughts though.

The Wild Brunch

Season: 1 - Episode: 2 - Views: 733

There is tension in the air as Blair confronts Serena about her relationship with her boyfriend, Nate; Blair knows she slept with him before 'mysteriously' leaving to go to boarding school. On top of this, Serena still backstabs her again. Also Jenny seeks advice from Blair, who may decide to let her in the inner circle.

Poison Ivy

Season: 1 - Episode: 3 - Views: 1258

In this episode Rufus, 'The Captain', and Serena's brother Eric are introduced. Jenny and Eric click right off the bat, while Rufus must do what he dreads the most and ask Lily for a favor. Also, Blair uncovers a devastating secret about Serena.

Bad News Blair

Season: 1 - Episode: 4 - Views: 551

Blair has a glimmer of excitement when she finds out her Mother, Eleanor, wants her to be the top model for her new clothing line. However that quickly dissipates as Serena takes her spot. Meanwhile Nate and Chuck take the weekend off after Ivy Week.

Dare Devil

Season: 1 - Episode: 5 - Views: 569

Jenny, who is the new girl in the inner circle, is invited to Blair's infamous sleepover, where she has to play a game of truth or dare. Also Lily is now the one asking Rufus for a favor, as she find out Eric is missing from his treatment center.

The Handmaiden's Tale

Season: 1 - Episode: 6 - Views: 525

At the masked ball, Blair made it clear that no outsiders are allowed to come to the party, however Jenny and Dan manage to sneak in. Meanwhile, a girl named Vanessa who was a child hood friend of Dan comes back to town, and tells him her feelings towards him.

Victor, Victoria

Season: 1 - Episode: 7 - Views: 1698

Dan and Serena are finally back together after acknowledging they both have strong feelings for each other, while Nate confronts his father 'The Captain' about the drugs he found. Also Lily devises a plan to make Bart Bass jealous by inviting Rufus to the Eleanor Waldorf event.

Seventeen Candles

Season: 1 - Episode: 8 - Views: 483

Things are tough for Nate as he is asked to help his father who faces embezzlement charges. Blair is having a birthday party but her smile is fake as she tried to hide a secret from the inner circle. Dan tries to help Serena and Vanessa's relationship by inviting Vanessa to Blair's party, but this only makes things worse.

Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

Season: 1 - Episode: 9 - Views: 459

Nate has an uncomfortable dinner with his family considering the recent events, while Dan invites Serena and her family to spend Thanksgiving with this family.

Hi, Society

Season: 1 - Episode: 10 - Views: 581

Serena's grandmother, CeCe, persuades her attend the Cotillion Ball, while Chuck tells Nate that Blair is having an affair with Carter Baizen. Once Blair finds out Chuck did this only for personal gain, she decides to end the affair and 'make up' with Nate throughout the night.

Roman Holiday

Season: 1 - Episode: 11 - Views: 655

Harold, who is Blair's father, decides to come home for the holidays with, of all people, his boyfriend, Roman. Blair has a difficult time accepting what's going on and creates a plan to get rid of Roman. Meanwhile, she's worrying about Chuck because he's on a trip to Monaco with Nate, who she recently hooked up with. Also Rufus has finally had enough and confronts Alison's former lover.

School Lies

Season: 1 - Episode: 12 - Views: 590

Serena and the entourage break into the school in the middle of the night for a swimming pool party, however things go wrong as someone nearly drowns. The school wants to expel the person responsible for breaking into the school, and even though the inner circle made a pact to keep it secret, it creates tension between them all because no one wants to take the fall. Meanwhile Vanessa captures Blair and Chuck discussing their affair on camera on accident.

The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

Season: 1 - Episode: 13 - Views: 1196

It's an exciting episode as the 'Gossip Girl' blogs about Serena shopping for pregnancy tests. The truth as to why she's buying them, however, is even more intriguing. Chuck is jealous over Nate and Blair's new relationship and decides to spill a few secrets.

The Blair Bitch Project

Season: 1 - Episode: 14 - Views: 600

Blair, who has recently dropped from the top spot in the social ladder, returns to school with help from Serena. Jenny, on the other hand, decides to boost her status by doing something illegal. Meanwhile, Serena becomes nervous as she starts receiving packages in the mail from an unknown sender.

Desperately Seeking Serena

Season: 1 - Episode: 15 - Views: 475

Jenny is excited with her new acquaintance, Asher Hornsby, as he just may be what she needs to rise in the social ladder. Georgina Sparks, who is Serena's former partner in crime, starts stirring controversy about her when she arrives in town.

All About My Brother

Season: 1 - Episode: 16 - Views: 531

Serena finds out from Georgina that she is ready to reveal highly damaging information about her from the past, but is not expecting her to do what she does next. Jenny and Blair have a popularity war, while Dan see's Asher cheating on Jenny and tries to warn her about it.

Woman on the Verge

Season: 1 - Episode: 17 - Views: 516

Serena is devastated when Georgina reveals the true reason for her leaving for boarding school, which causes Nate, Blair and Chuck to put their fighting aside and help her. Dan doesn't know the truth and Serena won't tell him, so he expects the worst. Also Lily decides to skip her wedding rehearsal to see Rufus in concert.

Much 'I Do' About Nothing

Season: 1 - Episode: 18 - Views: 525

Blair, after seeing her friend Serena dwindle away, decides to confront Georgina, while Serena finally tells Dan the truth about her leaving for boarding school. Also Lily gets ready for her wedding day, but she still has Rufus on her mind.